The Market Street/9th Street/East High Street corridors were highlighted in the City Council-adopted Strategic Investment Area (SIA) Plan and have been selected to receive funding for improvements via VDOT’s SMART SCALE prioritization process. This streetscape improvement project represents an important opportunity to enhance alternative modes as well as vehicular travel in the area and likely will incorporate:

  • Wider sidewalks
  • Landscaping with street trees
  • Intersection improvements for better ADA and pedestrian access
  • Bike lanes
  • Stormwater quality features
  • Improved wayfinding and signage
  • Signal upgrades
  • Enhanced access to existing transit

Relocation of overheard utilities as well as evaluation of additional bike rack facilities, bike repair stations, and bus stop improvements also will be incorporated.

These improvements will be evaluated and supplemented with additional community input. Ultimately, a preferred design will be presented to the City and VDOT for endorsement before construction can commence.


Project Area

This map shows the continuation of the East High Street Corridor from the Belmont Bridge Project. Click here to view the Belmont Bridge Project website.

Click the map image to enlarge.

Map showing the Belmont Bridge Project and East High Street corridor


A preferred conceptual design concept was endorsed by City Council on December 3rd 2018.

Committees and Stakeholders

The planning and design of the East High streetscape improvements will involve a community engagement process to gather input that will help shape design concepts. Two committees will lead the engagement process with ability to explain why decisions were made, and point to milestones in the planning process that led to those decisions.

Steering Committee

The City has appointed a steering committee to serve in an advisory role to the technical committee and City Council. The committee consists of neighborhood representatives and liaisons to City boards and commissions. Members include:

  • David Katz, Belmont Carlton Neighborhood Association
  • Lena Seville, Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Downtown Business Association
  • Rosamond Casey, Little High Neighborhood Association
  • Greg Jackson, Little High Neighborhood Association
  • Eberhard Jehle, Martha Jefferson Neighborhood Association
  • Michael Wheelwright, North Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Lyle Solla Yates, Planning Commission
  • Brian Menard, Tree Commission
  • Carl Schwarz, BAR
  • Chris Henry, PLACE

Technical Committee

The technical committee consists of staff from NDS. This committee will make design decisions based on recommendations from the steering committee. Members include:

  • Alex Ikefuna, NDS Planning Director
  • Amanda Poncy, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Brennen Duncan, NDS City Traffic Engineer
  • Martin Silman, NDS City Engineer
  • Carrie Rainey, PLACE, NDS Planning
  • Zack Lofton, NDS Planning
  • Brenda Kelley, Redevelopment Manager, City of Charlottesville
  • Doug Ehman, Parks and Recreation
  • William Sclafani, Police
  • Eric Thomas, Police
  • Jay Davis, Fire and Rescue
  • Jason McIlwee, Utilities